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“Hooray, Netflix Raised Its Prices!” Said Nobody Ever



Friendly heads up to my fellow Netflix subscribers — your monthly Netflix bill is about to get more expensive. According to Reuters, once the price hike takes place, the new prices will be as follows: Basic plan goes to $10/month ($1 more), Standard plan goes up to $15.50/month ($1.50 more) while the Premium plan goes to $19.99/month ($2 more).

Is this awesome news? Heck no, price hikes are never cool. However, Netflix is one of those companies that can get away with such moves because they continuously pump out really good content. Their exact reasoning for price hikes is content, seeing as how they want to spend billions on it per year. As a user that seems like a fair trade.

These changes have already taken affect for new customers, though, if you’re already subscribed, your current price hasn’t changed quite yet.


Oh well.

// Reuters

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