Samsung has been using its Tizen OS on its smart TVs and other smart devices for many years, and the operating system has received several upgrades and improvements over the years. At the Samsung Developer Conference yesterday (SDC), the company announced that it’s working with Google to bring better video calling and Samsung Health features to its smart TVs with built-in cameras and other sensors.

Samsung wants to improve its Tizen operating system by offering even more features, some of which focus on better HDR calibration, health, gaming, and reduced latency. During the SDC announcement, Samsung also announced Tizen for Business, which is a service aimed to support interactive e-boards in schools and kiosks, and even smaller displays at restaurants, undergrounds, and airports. Samsung also announced the Tizen TV Platform License that’ll allow other TV manufacturers to use the Tizen OS on their smart TVs.

Samsung said the following regarding the new Tizen TV Platform License:

“Manufacturers who want to introduce a premium TV platform like Tizen can do so quickly with minimal cost, as well as utilize the Tizen brand to promote their products at major external events. This enables them to use the Tizen TV presence to promote their products in the Smart TV market, and ultimately, help more consumers enjoy Tizen.”

It’s not surprising to see Samsung wanting to license out its TV platform, after all, there is extra money that could be made, which could also help Samsung invest more into its platform and make further improvements and enhancements to it. The company could also bundle in certain applications and highlight certain features for specific TV models. It’s not yet clear how the licensing will work and what the requirements will be, but we expect to hear more in the near future as we get closer to seeing Tizen OS on more smart TVs.

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