Samsung released a few promotional videos that mainly focus on the upcoming One UI 4 features, design, and overall software update. The One UI 4 update will be based on Android 12, and a lot of Samsung users are waiting to receive the update on their devices. Along with the One UI 4 announcements, Samsung also announced that it would release One UI Book 4, a skin that is specifically made for Windows laptops to be more in line with its other devices such as tablets, smartwatches, and smartphones.

The One UI Book 4 skin applies One UI 4 effects and uses similar design techniques, methods, and overall layout and colors to make some of Samsung’s Windows apps more unique and recognizable. Applications such as Samsung Settings, Samsung Notes, and Samsung Gallery. More apps will likely follow suit and be updated with new designs in the near future.

The One UI Book 4 skin will be available on the Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Flex 2, Galaxy Book, and Galaxy Book Odyssey devices when it launches. Future Samsung laptops and other devices may also support the new skin and theme on Windows devices.

We have no information on when this feature will start rolling out to compatible and supported devices. Sadly, we’ll have to wait for Samsung until it updates its apps to find out more. In terms of features, there doesn’t seem to be any change, and it seems to affect applications only visually for now, based on the information that we have available. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft and Samsung have had a very strong partnership for many years now. Most Samsung flagships can easily be used with Windows thanks to the special integrations to send messages, manage notifications, use the phone, and more.

    Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

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