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TCL Thunderbird Smart Glasses come with a micro-LED display

Companies seem to make some form of smart glasses left and right, and the latest company to join the race is TCL. It just unveiled the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition, which uses a micro-LED transparent color display that makes it look like regular glasses.

The built-in LEDs are very tiny, 4 µm to be precise. The team behind the glasses also developer a special and proprietary algorithm that enables the Thunderbird glasses to show a full-color image. The company has also released a video demonstrating how smart glasses work and what it can do (via GSMArena).

The TCL Thunderbird smart glasses want to replace your smartphone. It wants you to use it as your primary device to view messages, see your calendar, control your smart home products, wake you up in the morning, and even navigate and video chat.

The Thunderbird smart glasses have a built-in camera that sits on the bridge of the nose, and you can use it to take photos – which will automatically be sent to your smartphone. Unfortunately, we have no information on what sensor is used here, so we’ll have to wait and see until more information is shared.

TCL didn’t share when the Thunderbird Smart Glasses Pioneer Edition would be available to customers and how much they’ll retail for, and we also don’t know what regions it will be sold at. If the recent Ray-Ban smart glasses by Facebook and Anker SoundCore Frames are any indication, then we can speculate the price to be anywhere between $200 and $499; although this seems smarter than the other two, it may set you back more. 

Would you be interested in buying a pair of smart glasses, and to replace your regular smartphone with wearables? How long until you consider picking up some smart glasses? Let us know in the comments!

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