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Best ODB II scanner for Hyundai Tucson



Are you seeking the answer to the following question: What is the best OBD II code reader? If so, we have gathered all the information that you need and reviewed the top Hyundai OBDII scanners below. These important diagnostic tool systems are used to check every element of your car’s functioning, helping to flag any issues that need attention.

Before we reveal the best Hyundai scanner options, read through our considerations section to get a better idea of what you should be looking out for in one of these scanners. You are guaranteed to find the best scanner for your needs below in our comprehensive guide.

Considerations choosing Hyundai Tucson OBD 2 Scanners

Below, you will find all the considerations for an OBD 2 scan tool for a Hyundai vehicle. With so many g scan tools to choose from, the information below should help you to decide. From the renowned Launch Creader diagnostic system to lesser-known options, each of these scanners should have very specific capabilities for automobiles.


Vehicles Compatibility

If your car was manufactured before 1996 it will not be compatible with this type of scanner. All cars manufactured after this date, however, need to be. Thanks to the range of scanners available today, you are guaranteed to find a suitable tool for Hyundai vehicles, Our recommendation is to always check car compatibility beforehand to ensure that the scanner tool you select is the right fit and more info on this can be found on


 Every handheld scanner has its display screen which can be plugged into the Hyundai car’s OBD port. The display quality is going to affect how you read the software displayed, so we recommend choosing a Hyundai OBDII scanner model that has a good display inclusive of brightness and pixel quality. You can also find wireless scanner models for a Hyundai car which offers more convenience as more modern systems.

Ease of use

Scanners should do all the difficult work for you, from checking your Hyundai engine to putting forward another diagnostic recommendation. For this reason, outside of car compatibility, you should make sure you are comfortable using the tool if a mechanic is not doing the job for you. For help why not check out this guide on “using a Diagnostic Car Code Reader”.

The model you choose should be able to access all the crucial info that needs reviewing via a diagnostic menu and it should be easy to navigate the rest of the menu too.


Some scanner models offer more capabilities than others. Depending on your needs for your Hyundai, you should look at the capabilities of each scanner before buying. While you will want a top user experience, a good quality Hyundai OCDII scanner will allow you to access the engine, retrieve DTCs, and much more.


Launch Creader VII+

Best ODB II scanner for Hyundai Tucson 1

First up on our list, we have the Launcher Creader VII+ which is highly rated as one of the top scanners and is popular due to its reliability too. It can be used to easily access the engine to run a diagnosis which will reveal any diagnostic problems that require fixing. This model is particularly compatible with SUVs making it ideal for a Hyundai.

It comes fully equipped with various scan tools and features the latest software for fast loading and easy navigation of the obd2. It also supports advanced data for focusing on data specific parameters, meaning you can get a detailed idea of where a mechanic may be required.

To add to this, the addition of a 02 sensor allows you to detect faults to avoid any emission problems within the engine. If you’re seeking a quality product in this category, this choice could be the best bet. Suitable for larger vehicles and compatible with Hyundai SUVs, it’s affordable and has everything you’d expect.


  • This obd2 scanner allows you to control the engine light and other parts
  • It uses advanced software for a complete diagnosis
  • Ideal for SUV vehicle making it highly compatible with a Hyundai


  • Slightly slower to load codes though this doesn’t affect overall satisfaction

Autel MaxiDAS DS808K Automotive Diagnostic Scanner

Best ODB II scanner for Hyundai Tucson 2

The next OBD2 scan tool in our review is the Autel MaxisDAS DS808K scanner which is capable of 23 service functions. The functions included feature oil reset, SAS calibration, battery registration, and much more using its advanced data stream system. This scanner can access all ECU modules which makes it a highly versatile option and one of the best ob2 scanner tools for a Hyundai,

Allowing you to clearly identify a diagnostic and resolve the issue efficiently, this OBD2 scanner is a must-have for any car owner. The active test function allows different tools to launch simultaneously and it has bi-directional control capacity.

Using multiple sensors, this diagnostic scanner shows graphing across all aspects of the stream so that you can quickly and accurately review what needs addressing.



  • Features an active test function for better accuracy
  • Able to assess all ECU modules
  • Speedy at loading codes due to innovative design


  • Higher in price than other OBD2 scanners but is worth the extra

FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner

Best ODB II scanner for Hyundai Tucson 3

With the Foxwell NT301 0BD2 scanner, you will be able to read DTCs, turn off the check engine light, as well as retrieve your Hyundai vehicles VIN. Using live graphing, this quality OBD2 scanner is a reliable scan tool that will help you to identify where attention is needed on your car.

You can use the g scan easily thanks to the convenient user face that utilizes readiness hotkeys and trouble codes. The addition of the vehicles sensors allows you to focus on any specific trends you notice and live data. Using an innovative design, this scanner is one of the best models out there and is highly suitable for Hyundai vehicles.

Of all the scanners in this category, this model has an edge when it comes to both speed and quality display. Whether you need to check engine light on your Hyundai or investigate another area using the innovative software, this scan tool is going to impress.


  • Uses live graphing and scanning to flag up mechanical issues
  • Comes with a large color screen
  • This product is extremely affordable providing great value for money


  • The user manual could be laid out better with some crossovers


We’ve come to the end of the guide and you may be asking yourself which code scanner is best for Hyundai Tucsons? Our top OBD2 scanning system is the Foxwell NT301 which is perfectly compatible with these types of Hyundai vehicles. You will be able to thoroughly identify any issues with all aspects of the car with the product that can check engine light functionality. The product uses innovative software inclusive of a steering angle sensor, and much more. Overall, this scanner’s program options are going to give you a complete and accurate diagnosis whenever it is time to assess your vehicles mechanics.

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Essential Tech to Have in Your Car 2021



Modern-day cars come packed with a host of technology to make our commute safer and more convenient. But with so much on offer, it can be hard to know which features and functions will be the most beneficial to you. So, here is a handy article highlighting some of the best tech available in the automotive market.

1. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Mobile device connectivity is not a new concept, and ever since the early Bluetooth systems in the 2000s, people have been able to enjoy their media on the move. However, the latest developments in Apple Carplay and Android Auto have revolutionised how you can consume your phone’s media and functionality on the move.

Both offer impressive on-board connectivity allowing you to use a host of your phone’s functions completely hands-free while on the road. This includes enhanced voice control, which enables you to dictate replies to text messages.

You can also use the satnav on your phone, through your car’s larger infotainment screen and stream your favourite music through apps like Spotify.


So if staying connected on your commute is essential for you, then Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are a must-have. Fortunately, both are standard across a wide range of models, so there is no need to splash out to get impressive connectivity.

2. Parking Technology

If the mere thought of parallel parking sends you into a sweat, then any tech which promises to make parking easier is likely to be an essential option. Fortunately, there is a variety of functions available to help ease your parking woes.

Parking sensors are now pretty standard in many models and are something to look out for to give you an extra boost when reversing. They operate by providing an audible cue when you are getting too close to an obstacle.

A reversing camera or 360-degree camera gives you even greater confidence by providing a comprehensive view of what is going on around you as you try to manoeuvre into a parking space.

The most advanced feature currently available is Parking Assist which effectively parks the car for you, thereby completely removing the hassle of parking. It’s not usually available on base models but is well worth the upgrade or additional cost if you regularly find yourself trying to squeeze into tight spaces.


3. Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) is said to be one of the most important developments in car safety since the invention of the car seatbelt. It is claimed AEB could save around 1,100 lives and prevent over 122,860 casualties over the next decade.

So what exactly is it?

AEB monitors the road ahead, and if it senses a potential collision and the driver does not react in time, it will apply the brake to prevent an accident.

The good news is that AEB is now mandatory on new models, so there is no need to worry about paying extra for this essential safety function.

4. Heated Windscreen

It’s the middle of winter, you are running late, and surprise, surprise, your windscreen is frozen over. Sound familiar?


If so, then a heated windscreen could well be the essential function you need from your car. By heated windscreen, we don’t mean blasting your windscreen with the heating system. A proper heated windscreen has elements embedded into the glass, so can disperse ice in mere seconds.

Ford developed the first heated windscreen system and marketed it as the Ford Quickclear system. However, the same kind of system is now available across many manufacturers.

So if you are ready to wave goodbye to frosty morning flusters, then a heated windscreen could be well worth investing in.

5. Adaptive Cruise Control

Adaptive cruise control brings greater control to the standard cruise function. You can set both your desired speed and distant from the car in front, so you can relax a little more on every journey.

Adaptive cruise is useful for both urban and motorway driving as the car can handle the braking and acceleration for you in both settings. Sure, you still need to keep a good eye on what’s going on around you, but it is reassuring to know that the car can monitor your environment and react for you to safely keep you at a steady speed.


Adaptive cruise may seem like a bit of a luxury, but it is one of those functions that once you’ve had, you’ll wonder how you managed without it.

6. Keyless Entry

If you are fed up with scrambling around in your bag or pockets for your leys, then keyless entry is something you are sure to find useful.

To gain entry to a car with keyless entry function, you simply need your car key to be present when near the car to access it, there’s no need to dig out your key and press any buttons. So it makes things a whole lot easier, especially when you are in a rush.

Like most technologies keyless entry was first available on high-specification model, but is slowly filtering down into more mainstream models. There have been some security concerns raised, but manufacturers have been quick to respond and the result is even more secure cars.

7. Hands-Free Tailgate

Like keyless entry, a hands-free tailgate helps improve accessibility to your car. A hands-free tailgate is even more helpful as it enables you to open the boot of your car by simply waving your foot under your rear bumper. It means you can carry goods out to your car and open your boot without having to put anything down, making loading far easier.

As an added benefit, many systems are adjustable, so you can set the tailgate to only open to a certain height which is useful when you have limited space, for example when you are parked in a garage.


Find a car with the functions you need

As the majority of the technology we have mentioned in this list is available in brand new cars, the best place to start is by searching which cars are suitable for you. Then you can start narrowing down the models that come with all the tech you need to make life on the road that bit easier.

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Best Electric Scooter Black Friday Deals 2020



With the holiday season now well and truly here, shopping for the greatest deals has, well, let’s just say, experienced a bit of a change.

Even though online channels have seen massive growth over the years, nothing compares to the flurry we predict to experience this year due to inevitable closures on our high streets.

Rather than searching for the best deals on the high street, more of us are turning our focus online, and even taking days off of work to find that perfect Black Friday Deal to save some money.


Here we explore some of the most amazing electric scooters, that are both well known and established brands, but also sometimes fly under the radar unnoticed, yet still pack an incredible punch.

So this holiday, if you’re looking for the best Electric Scooter deals online, look no further… We have you covered.

Scroll down to see the best Black Friday electric scooter deals we have compiled for you, and save big this holiday!

1. Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £499 Now £400;

First on the list, the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter. Enhanced components and features make this the big brother, and second iteration of the well known and loved Hiboy S2 electric scooter.

With an increased battery capacity, the Hiboy S2 Pro boasts a massive 25-30 mile max range, and boasts amazing comfort and hassle-free features, to ensure you can focus on enjoying your ride.


Not only incredibly stylish in its appearance, the Hiboy S2 Pro is equipped with both puncture-free honeycomb wheels and an impressive rear suspension, making the Hiboy S2 Pro electric scooter not only hassle free riding experience, but allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride at the same time.

And with a Black Friday discount of £99, the Hiboy S2 Pro is truly incredible value for its money.

Key Specifications Key Features & Benefits
Weight: 13.4kg + Impressive max range
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h + Puncture-free wheels
Range: 25-30 miles + Regenerative braking system

2. The Urban #BRLN V2 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £799 Now £665;

The Urban #BRLN V2 is built to the highest standards of German precision engineering. Designed and manufactured by Walberg Urban Electrics in Hamburg, Germany, the #BRLN V2 is packed full of features with the urban rider in mind.

From its double front and rear suspension, to its lightweight 14kg total weight, the #BRLN V2 gives you a comfortable ride, while being extremely compact and lightweight to help transport and stow your electric scooter away easily.

Every consideration has been built with consideration about providing quality,  comfort and a headache free riding experience. From its tried and tested adjustable stem, and intuitive quick folding system, to its slip proof deck tape and its double drum brakes, the #BRLN V2 has been designed and built with the riders experience at its heart. 


Save £134 on this incredible piece of engineering this Black Friday.

Key Specifications Key Features & Benefits
Weight: 14kg + Compact and Lightweight
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h + High quality components
Range: 12.5 miles + Double front and rear suspension

3. Segway Ninebot Max G30 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £699 Now £679;

Classed as the elite, premium option in the Segway electric scooter range, the Max G30 is a true masterpiece. From its high quality components, to its robust frame, the Max G30  is truly one of the most impressive electric scooters on the market today.

Boasting a massive 40 mile max range, and comfortable big 10” air filled wheels, give you the range you need, with the comfort you seek. Perfect for those who are looking to use their electric scooter frequently, go longer distances and not have to bother with charging it as often.

The quality engineering is clear to see throughout the build of the Max G30. Its IPX5 rating means that it is not only water jet proof, but dust proof too, ensuring your Max G30 is extremely durable and low maintenance

Save £20 on the Segway Ninebot Max G30 electric scooter.

Key Specifications Key Features & Benefits
Weight: 18kg + Robust and durable
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h + Comfortable 10” air filled tyres
Range: 40 miles + IPX5 rated: water jet and dust proof

4. Populo S8 Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £399 Now £349;

The Populo S8 electric scooter, part of the well known Aventon family, is a sleek, incredibly well built electric scooter, packed with all the features you need out of an electric scooter to give you the most enjoyable riding experience.

With its 8.5” air filled treaded tyres, its robust frame and front and rear light integration, the Populo S8 gives you the comfort you desire, with the safety and build features you need for a ride filled with peace of mind.

A 3 second lock mechanism makes it incredibly easy to stow away, or fold down to transport as and when you need to. And coupled with its 11.8kg total weight, makes the Populo S8 extremely compact, lightweight and extremely reliable.

Save £50 on the Populo S8 electric scooter.

Key Specifications Key Features & Benefits
Weight: 11.8kg + Compact & lightweight
Speed: 15mph / 24km h + Comfortable 8.5” air filled treaded tyres
Range: 15.5 miles + Packed with reliable safety features

5. Trottix TXS Signature Carbon Electric Scooter

Buy Now – Black Friday Deal: Was £2,399 Now £1,950;


Widely covered in the press for its high quality components and build, the Trottix TXS Signature Carbon has typically been used in the enforcement and commercial sectors across Europe – and now, it is finally available to consumers.

Incredibly sleek, bold and very distinctive in its design, the TXS Signature Carbon is packed full of the highest spec features and components, and hand finished to the highest standard – making this the true Rolls Royce of the Electric Scooter world.

From its mechanical calliper brakes, to its carbon fibre finish, no expense has been spared in the build of the TXS Signature Carbon, to ensure it is one of the highest quality, premium Electric Scooters available today.

Key Specifications Key Features & Benefits
Weight: 14.3kg + Premium components and build
Speed: 15.5mph / 25km h + Short charge time
Range: 15.5 miles + High tech braking systems

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5 Best Car Accessories and Gadgets to Buy in 2020



The ever-growing world of technology is always introducing incredibly unique gadgets to make our life more comfortable, and many of them are geared toward cars. These devices will transform your vehicle into something more than a mere means of transportation.

Some of them are so cool and rad that you won’t be able to think of riding without them. From turning your vehicle into a portable home theater to making your trips safer, there are so many ways they can enhance your riding experience!

Here are the 5 coolest car gadgets to buy today to ensure an enjoyable ride, no matter how much distance you have to cover!


Automotive Head Units will turn your vehicle into a place of entertainment. It will make your long trips much more enjoyable, to say the least! If you love listening to music on the move, a high-quality auto head unit will be a blessing to you. That’s because they are capable of playing music with enhanced sound quality.

In addition to music listening, they come with other features like hands-free calling, radio streaming, GPS, etc. Many of them run on Android OS, and therefore, you can run various apps on them. For enhancing the user experience, they come with touchscreen monitors.

You should look into autonerdsreview shared auto head unit review to determine the best products on the market.

It’s not uncommon for the car batteries to malfunction and come to a complete stop. Nobody can guarantee it won’t happen. Imagine that happening when you’re riding on a lonely road at night and help is miles away. It will be a significant inconvenience for sure.

That’s why auto experts consider a jump starter gadget as a must-have car accessory. This one is a portable battery device that’s designed to give a boost to the dead battery of your vehicle to bring it back into life. It sends a surge of power to jump-start your car and helps you get back on your track.

Many of the jump starters can also be used as a backup power source.

It’s always discouraged to be on the phone while you’re on the road simply because you put yourself and others in danger that way. Naturally, you can’t fully concentrate on driving while holding the phone with one of your hands.

With a Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone gadget, you’d be able to use your smartphone completely hands-free! All you have to do is set it up in your car and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth.


As soon as the connection is formed, you can begin talking to other people through your phone without having to hold it against your ear. The sound will come conveniently come out of the speakerphone!

On top of that, you will be able to stream music from your smartphone and listen to them clearly and loudly through this device!

A Car Dash Cam is another must-have gadget for any vehicle owner. It’s a small camera device that’s installed on the dashboard of your vehicle. From the beginning to the end, this thing keeps video-recording the car’s entire journey that it’s been mounted on.

Although this device cannot protect you physically, it’s still an impressive safety accessory. In the event of an accident, the recorded footage will show how it all happened and help to identify the responsible persons.

Besides, when you’re feeling bored, you can always watch the recorded videos of your fun trips for some laughs and giggles.

Sometimes, your trip takes you on long journeys that outlasts your mobile device’s batteries. With no nearby power source, they’ll remain useless until you reach your destination. There are times when we can’t afford to spend even a second without our phones.

A USB car charger can save you from this hassle by allowing you to recharge your smartphones, tabs, laptops, etc. right from your vehicle. Just hook it up to the car’s port, and it will be ready to inject power into any of your portable gadgets. Some are capable of charging multiple devices at once.


Even if you aren’t interested in modern gadgets, it’s almost impossible to live without some of them nowadays. The 5 coolest car gadgets to buy that we’ve listed aren’t just made to increase the coolness of your vehicle; they are extremely useful as well.

So, go ahead and fill your car with these cool devices today to make your stay in the car more enjoyable!

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