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Apple wants to know what you do with “in the box” iPhone chargers

Recent rumors suggest that Apple may want to give us a new iPhone12 series without EarPods or a power adapter in the box. Some leakers have even claimed that the new box would be thinner, and more exquisite since it won’t need the extra space. Now, Apple may also want to hear its users before making a final decision.

It seems that Apple has started a survey to know what people do with the 5W chargers that are included with the purchase of every iPhone. The survey contains several options for users to choose from, which include:
I sold or traded it with my iPhone
I lost it
I gave it to a family member or friend
I still use it at home
I still use it outside (at work, school, or other places)
I still have it, but I don’t use it
This survey was shared by Twitter user @Gunstaxl, where he says, “Apple survey that I received by email. Multiple questions about how I use the charger! Will we have an iPhone without a charger in the box?”

The survey hasn’t reached every Apple user, or at least not yet. But what about you? What do you do with the 5W power adapter that comes with your iPhone?

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