Xbox 'Lockhart' Console Still Planned for 2020, Will Be Cheaper and Less Powerful Than 'Anaconda': Report

Microsoft might be working on and planning to release a more affordable and less powerful Xbox console for Holiday 2020, as per a report. There has been much speculation and confusion regarding Microsoft on whether the company will release one or two Xbox gaming consoles in 2020. But it looks like alongside the powerful console codenamed ‘Anaconda’ under Project Scarlett by Microsoft, there will be a second less powerful gaming console as well named ‘Lockhart’. And just in case Lockhart sounds familiar, well it was originally rumoured to be part of two Xbox gaming consoles set for an alleged 2020 launch.

Going back to June, Microsoft announced that Project Scarlett is all about a single high-end Xbox gaming console codenamed Anaconda. Well, it looks like there is more planned by the Redmond giant, because a report by Kotaku claims out that Microsoft is indeed still planning to release a low-cost Xbox console for Holiday 2020 that is codenamed, Lockhart. What has been reported about this cheaper alternative to Anaconda is that it will be digital-only, which means it won’t have a disc drive, much like the Xbox One All-Digital Edition.

The report further claims that it’s easier to think of the Lockhart as the successor to the Xbox One S, with a similar performance disparity. The ideal target performance is said to be 1440p resolution and 60 frames-per-second on Lockhart. Additionally, it will reportedly be heavily promoted with Microsoft’s Project xCloud streaming service and the Xbox Game Pass subscription that allows users access to a huge library of games both big and small, including all new first-party games.

The Xbox team didn’t confirm or deny the rumours, with a Microsoft spokesperson telling Kotaku, “We do not comment on rumours or speculation.”

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