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We have more leaked images of the new Moto Razr

More and more leaked images of the Moto Razr are coming our way. We’re just two weeks away from its possible launch, and we are getting more, and better-looking renders of the device. Now we get five more images thanks to Evan Blass.

The new Moto Razr looks pretty much like the Razr V3 we received back in 2014. We now have a foldable display and better specs. These images give us a better idea of how the device will look when closed, its fit in the hand, and our interaction with the external display. They also show us the Moto Razr unfolded, a notch on the upper side of the internal display and a fingerprint sensor. Now, we hope we get some specs soon, or at least rumors, just to see how powerful it can be.

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